The Year's Largest Retail Event to unveil in Wanhan Central China
As an annual feast, the 17th China Retail Industry Convention will be held on November 5-7, 2015 in Wuhan, Hubei Province. The Convention witnesses every step China retail ind... [2015-10-12]
Sams Club entry into Yihaodian: who benefits most from this move?
Sams Club made announcement on November 20 for entry into This is the first time Walmart combines varies of current formats, Walmart expects yihaodian hel... [2015-12-2]
CR-Vanguard suspend business cooperation with Walch
CR-Vanguard disclosed to reporters that CR-Vanguard and Walch both decided not to renew their cooperation agreement as both parties were unable to reach a agreement based... [2015-12-2]
Yili attend China-US Entrepreneur Round Table in Guangzhou
The 26th China-US Joint Commission on Commerce and Trade (JCCT) was held in Guangzhou China on November 22. China-US Entrepreneur Round Table is a essential part of this event... [2015-12-2]
Suguo opening general III lifestyle supermarket named SGlife
Under the business transformation of traditional retailing,  the old retailing brand Suguo unveils its shifting strategies and launches its third general standard lifesty... [2015-12-2]
Bubugao opening two new stores in Chongqing
Bubugao unveiled a new store at Yongchuan, Chongqing on November 20, which is the second store opening followed the new store at Dianjiang Chongqing on October 15. The value a... [2015-12-2]
Wumart to delist share from HK bourse
Retail chain operator Wumart Stores Inc said on Tuesday that it was delisting its H shares from the Hong Kong bourse amid uncertain market conditions for hypermarkets in China... [2015-10-28]
CR-Vanguard launches new red logo in Ningbo regions
On October 25, the new red Six-Ray Star logo can be see at CR-Vanguard Zhenhai store and Tesco Ningbo Jishigang store,  the first two CR-Vanguard stores in Ningbo use t... [2015-10-28]
JD prepares for Double 11 Festival big promo
JD organizes an press conference for 11 days big brand  buy event on October 26 and announces that JD shall partner up with hundreds of brand suppliers to roll out an ... [2015-10-28]
Suguo launches cross-boarder experience shop at hypermarkets
Suoguo recently further invests to develop cross-boarder business by introducing "ewj zone  into three hypermarkets in urban areas, which enables consumers to place orde... [2015-10-28]

The Year's Largest Retail Event to unveil in Wanhan Central China
Invitation to the 16th China Retail Industry Convention
Retail O2O Convention 2014 to be held in Nanjing
The 12th China Retail Asset Protection and Loss Prevention Forum
Circular Use of Standardization Pallets Promotion Conference
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