Department Stores
Bubugao opening two new stores in Chongqing
Bubugao unveiled a new store at Yongchuan, Chongqing on November 20, which is the second store opening followed the new store at Dianjiang Chongqing on October 15. The value a... [2015-12-2]
Chengshang Group to merger with many department stores
Chengshang Group made an announcment at the evening June 15 that, the Group shall release 1.09 billion shares to its shareholder Maoye Mall by RMB 7.37 yuan per share to acqui... [2015-6-26]
Intime to focus on real estate and agriculture sectors
It is disclosed on June 14, Intime Group shall put more attention on real estate and agriculture sector and to establish a relevant agriculture development company soon.
NOVO Chengdu Tianfu Store closed
NOVO Chengdu Department Store withdrawn from Chengdu in recent days after less than one years operation. Worth to mention, NOVO is a Hongkong fashion brand proud of its fashio... [2015-1-5]
40,000 sqm Intime Department Store enters into Yueqing Wenzhou
The new opened Intime Department Store in Yueqing Wenzhou has 4 sales floors with overall retail space 41,000 sqm, putting over hundreds of national and international famous r... [2014-12-24]
Rainbow launches WeiO CVS supporting Weixin Payment in communities
CVS are now hot format for e-commerce players. Rainbow Department Store, the traditional retailers, shall march into CVS sector and name its first CVS as WeiO on July 18 aft... [2014-7-16]
The 2nd Jiuguang Department Store in Shanghai is planned to open in 2015
The second Jiuguang Department Store at old Zhabei Sports Stadium Zhabei Daning regions in Shanghai now commence the construction work, it is plans to complete the constructio... [2014-7-7]
Bubugao purchased Nancheng Department Store
At the evening of May 11th, Bubugao Commerce Chain Co., Ltd. officially made an announcement after 1.5 month trade suspension... [2014-5-13]
Friendship Group sales income RMB 51.9 bn 2013 and its first private brands launched
Friendship Group has finally announced its 2013 annual report, the company achieved its operation income during the report period RMB 51.9 bn wit... [2014-4-29]
Dashang Stock achieved 20% growth in net profit last year
Dashang Stock announced its 2013 annual report on April 9th, the company has achieved its annual operation income 33.8 billion yuan with 5.93% gr... [2014-4-15]


The Year's Largest Retail Event to unveil in Wanhan Central China
Invitation to the 16th China Retail Industry Convention
Retail O2O Convention 2014 to be held in Nanjing
The 12th China Retail Asset Protection and Loss Prevention Forum
Circular Use of Standardization Pallets Promotion Conference
Invitation to the 15th China Shop & China Retail Industry Convention
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