China's logistics industry sees steady growth
The total value of goods carried by China's logistics industry grew by 9.6 percent year-on-year to reach 146.4 trillion yuan (23.27 trillion U.S.... [2012-11-26]
Food Safety App Popular in China
A food safety appZhongguo Qiusheng Shouce (or literally China Survival Guidance)topped the free app list in Apple Store China and remained the ... [2012-6-5]
Delivery Industry Boosted by Increased Online Sales Campaigns
The express industry enjoyed great development in the first quarter, which was boosted by the increasing sales campaigns of online retailers, acc... [2011-5-10]
Privat Cinemas Emerge in Beijing
A new kind of cinema emerges in Beijing... [2011-2-28]
B2C website gets fund injection, China's biggest business-to-customer (B2C) website, says it has received more than $500 million in a new round of funding and it expe... [2010-12-24]
PayPal available on Air China's Website
Air China announced that PayPal's online payment service is now available on Air China's website. From December 20th travelers can book and purch... [2010-12-21]
UPS eyes China parcel biz
United Parcel Service Inc (UPS), the world's largest package-delivery company, is gearing up to acquire a domestic parcel license from China's St... [2010-12-3]
Chinese Internet Behemoth Plans Retail Banks
Rumors on the Internet revealed that the Chinese B2B e-commerce group Alibaba has set up a commercial bank subsidiary, which has gained the appro... [2010-10-26]
Express delivery business accounts for more than 40% in Shanghai
Shanghai Post Office yesterday held the 1st annual Symposium of the implementation of Postal Law Amendment.... [2010-9-30]
Chinese Internet Retailers Sign Honesty Pledge
More than 1,000 suppliers, publishers, and Internet retailers, including, Microsoft, Aigo, Wyeth, Lock & Lock, the Commercial Press,... [2010-9-25]


The Year's Largest Retail Event to unveil in Wanhan Central China
Invitation to the 16th China Retail Industry Convention
Retail O2O Convention 2014 to be held in Nanjing
The 12th China Retail Asset Protection and Loss Prevention Forum
Circular Use of Standardization Pallets Promotion Conference
Invitation to the 15th China Shop & China Retail Industry Convention
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