TOP 2 Retailers 3 Quarters net profit polarizes, CRE dive
According to Kantar Worldpanels statistics on FMCG sector, Sun Art and CRV were top 2 retailer with 8.3% and 6.7% penetration shares respectivel... [2013-11-25]
Unilever: 85% Chinese consumers eating out once a week
Unilever Food Solutions issued a report on global food consumers demand and F&B trends, it indicates 85% of consumers eating out least once every... [2013-11-25]
Long term investment in China for quality growth
Foreign supermarkets are frequently changing their development strategy in China with expectation to expand their geographic reach in China... [2013-11-25]
China August Social Retail Sales Up 13.4 percent
In August 2013, the total retail sales of consumer goods reached RMB 1.89 trillion, up by 13.4 percent year-on-year (nominal growth rate, the rea... [2013-9-17]
China CPI Rose 2.6 percent in August
National Bureau of Statistics of China announces Chinas consumer price index rose 2.6 percent in August.... [2013-9-17]
2013 1H China Retailers Sales Ranking
According to the statistics from Linkshop, 83 retailing enterprises which has released their mid-year report by September 2nd have achieved total... [2013-9-10]
MOC develop policies to support the logistic development in fresh sector
The Minister Mr. Gaohu disclosed recently, MOC is developing policies to promote logistics and citizen consumption confidence, fresh distribution is a key point. He said the M... [2013-9-10]
Shanghai Shopping Festival Kicks off
2013 Shanghai Shopping Festival is set up during September 13th to October 7th jointly organized by Shanghai Commerce Bureau, Economy and Trade C... [2013-8-23]
Private label account for only 3% of the total retail sales in China
The reporter learned from the latest report of Rabobank that, influenced by the supermarket entrance fee,... [2013-8-21]
Hongkong: 1H 2013 Retail Amount Rise 15%
Hongkong Statistic Bureau released on August 1st, the value of total retail sales rise 15% while the volume of retail sales rise 14.4% at the fir... [2013-8-5]


The Year's Largest Retail Event to unveil in Wanhan Central China
Invitation to the 16th China Retail Industry Convention
Retail O2O Convention 2014 to be held in Nanjing
The 12th China Retail Asset Protection and Loss Prevention Forum
Circular Use of Standardization Pallets Promotion Conference
Invitation to the 15th China Shop & China Retail Industry Convention
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