Research & Reports
China Top 100 Chain Retailers, China Franchise Bluebook and The Report on Food-Safety, are just some examples of studies CCFA has released in the past. These works are based on annual research and surveys conducted on the retail and franchise industries. Industry data are carefully gathered and studied and are distributed to interested parties. All of the data and analysis have been regarded as valuable references for government departments and enterprises for decision making.
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All rights are reserved with CCFA, please refer to CCFA as source when citing any figure or results from the following reports.
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0800 China Top 100 Chain Retailers 2007 List of China Top 100 Chain Retailers 2007 English DOWNLOAD
0801 Major findings of supermarket energy consumption survey Over 30 Retailers get invloved with the Survey. Contents include energy consumption status in supermarket chain industry;the main problems impacting the supermarket energy-saving.Measures for supermarket energy-saving Chinese/English DOWNLOAD
0802 Major Findings on Fresh Products Distribution Center On commision of MOFCOM to have an overall view of the DC and logistics of fresh food in china. The report describes the current situation, main problems and causes and suggested solutions,etc. Chinese/English DOWNLOAD
0803 Overview on Traceability of Food Safety View on every step of the food supply chain, including marking, collection, convey, and management of food information, so to realize tracing of the entire process in manufaturering and logistics Chinese/English DOWNLOAD
0804 Chain Store Annual Report 2007 FULL VERSION ONLY AVAILABLE IN CHINESE.TO GET,CLICK http://www.ccfa.org.cn/zhuanti/2006report.jsp Annual report on China's chain industry. Main body includes: general situation, hypermarket, supermarket,convenience stores, department stores, consumer electronics, pharmaceuticals,F&B,etc. Chinese DOWNLOAD
0805 Chain Store Annual Report 2007--Department Store Department Store Part in "Chain Store Annual Report 2007" English DOWNLOAD
0806 Chain Store Annual Report 2007--Convenience Stores Convenience Stores Part of Chain Store Annual Report 2007 English DOWNLOAD
0807 Chain Store Annual Report 2007-Hypermarket,supermarket Hypermarket,supermarket part of Chain Store Annual Report 2007- English DOWNLOAD
0808 Chain Store Annual Report 2007--Home Appliance Home Appliance Part of Chain Store Annual Report 2007 English DOWNLOAD
0809 Chain Store Annual Report 2007--F&B F&B Part of Chain Store Annual Report 2007 English DOWNLOAD
0810 2008 Annual Franchise Report in China ONLY AVAILABLE IN CHINESE.TO GET,CLICK http://www.ccfa.org.cn/zhuanti/2006report.jsp 2007 China's franchise development, including both internal operations and external conditions.covers most of the industries such as F&B, convenience store, house decoration, laundry, education, automobile repairing, clothing sale, beauty & exercise club, drug store,real estate agent and budget hotel, etc. Chinese DOWNLOAD
0812 2007 Supermarket Food Safety Report On commission of MOFCOM,CCFA conducted the report for four successive years beagining from 2004. Survey targets fresh food, packaged food and prepackaged food sold by retailers. Questionnaire covers HQs, stores and consumers.Over 500 retail staff and 10,000 consumers have got involved in the survey. Contents: managing structure,regulations,policy,operating structure,and staff training,etc. Chinese DOWNLOAD
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